Gene Altman(non-registered)
What wonderful, gorgeous photographic art! I loved them all. Your " Timeless" really resonates with my soul.
Linda Ohlson Graham(non-registered)
Gorgeous images Polly ... . It is lovely to connect w/ you via NLAPW.
Maciej Ruminkiewicz(non-registered)
Beautiful floral photographs. Especially loved the extreme close-ups on the singled out flowers. Keep up the good work!
Judy McLeod(non-registered)
They are all beautiful, but if I have to narrow it down, I like the big green leaf with the new leaf still unfurled and a red blossom. The trumpet like flower (#52) and the orchids are lovely. Another very attractive photo is the large leaf that is green, yellow, and orange. The color contrasts are so dramatic and crisp. It is like the sun is shining through from the back of the image. Thanks for sharing.
Sally Henderson(non-registered)
Polly you have caught the essence of tropical beauty in all its colors, shapes , and patterns. Your work is a joy to look at over and over. Thank you. Sally
Joanna Trescott(non-registered)
Nice work, Polly! (And a great web site). You have come a long way in the past 10 years. Good luck in 2016.
Lolly Owens(non-registered)
Nice web site and music. Loved the Flower Catcher photo. Best wishes in all you do.
Carolou Marquet(non-registered)
Polly - You have done a wonderful job of introducing yourself and your beautiful art. Love your photos and your website. Bravo!
Jennifer Walker(non-registered)
What a privilege to know you and see your beautiful art. Thank you so much for sharing the photos with me. Jennifer
Terri R(non-registered)
Polly, these are lovely... you have a wonderful view of nature, but I must admit the egrets made me laugh. Whatever were they waiting on line for, I wonder....
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